G-Flash LLC, in conjunction with Supercritical Fluid Technologies Inc.,
is proud to introduce the Green Flash Chromatography (GFC) system.

Chromatography for the fast, efficient separation of organic compounds.

Why G-Flash?

GFC offers cost savings, workflow improvements,
technological capability improvements, and environmental
health and safety advantages over traditional solvent
based Flash Chromatography.

By replacing ~80% of the organic solvent currently used
in Flash Chromatography, it provides tremendous cost savings
in solvent cost alone. Less solvent to evaporate means greatly improved laboratory workflow, and results in more environmentally sound separations of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical compounds.

GFC maintains the convenience of using inexpensive and disposable plastic cartridges like traditional flash.

Traditional flash chromatography has significant limitations, uses enormous amounts of toxic organic solvents, and is an impediment to efficient workflow in the laboratory. G-Flash will revolutionize flash chromatography. GFC is the separation solution for:

  • Cost Saving – reducing organic solvent requirements
  • Superior Solvation Power – using supercritical fluid for separation capability over traditional flash
  • Improve Lab Productivity – improving workflow and reducing evaporation time
  • Heath and Safety – reducing exposure to traditional toxic solvents